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Gulf Council Press Releases regarding Red Snapper Regulations

Federal Red Snapper Limits:

Recreational Season used to be open year round. Then it ran from
April 21 to October 31 each year.
Now it is running June 1 to August 14
Federal Recreational Limits: 16" TL, 2 Fish per Person, excludes Captain and Crew.

Commercial Season is usually open the first 10 days of each month, but varies. Check the Gulf Council website for current info.
Federal Commercial Size Limit: 13" TL.

State of Mississippi Red Snapper Limits:
Same as Above
Mississippi uses the Federal Regulations instead of adopting their own.

Federal Gulf Council Regulations Link
January 2003 Federal Gulf Council Commercial Regs PDF Document
January 2003 Federal Gulf Council Recreational Regs PDF File

Mississippi Recreational Regs Link
Mississippi Commercial Regs Link


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